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      Community builds a playground

      Soon kids will be climbing and sliding. Dozens of volunteers built a new playground for Bay Shore Park.

      Doug Smith with Superior Play says the design is set to challenge kids physically.

      "Spinning, sliding, swaying, climbing, different components, texture. Things that get them, every sound, get kids active, not just looking, running over here, running over there," said Smith.

      Organizer Kay Wampler says it started off as an idea to solve a problem.

      "My grandkids were up, and I had a hard time finding things for them to do. That's when I decided that I was going to pursue this more," said Wampler.

      Plans started in September, and in as little as eight months, it's already here.

      Locals feel it's a perfect entertainment outlet for kids.

      "It's going to be great for the kids. It'll give them something to do, less running the streets," said Harbaul.

      Total cost: over $68,000, and of that, $27,000 was received in grants. The remaining $40,000 was all raised by the community. The slide is already up. The plan is to have it completely done in one day.ã??