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      Community calls for Gwinn school board recall

      A petition regarding the recall of four Gwinn Area Community School Board of Education members has been filed to the Marquette County Election Commission.

      GACS Board President Gloria Bigelow, Secretary Cindy Filizetti, and Trustees Ron Libey and Michelle Dolby's futures on the board will be determined at a hearing.

      The hearing is scheduled for May 8th, from 8:30a.m. To 9:30a.m. in Probate Court.

      The Election Commission will then review the recall petition, filed by Gwinn resident Leesa Nordeen Misterly.

      They will rule on the clarity and factuality of recall language against the four board members.

      The recall language on the petition is as follows:

      "This member should be recalled for malfeasance and/or nonfeasance of the duties incumbent upon a person elected to a public school board in the state of Michigan. This school board member breached his/her fiduciary duty by failing to become properly informed on issues concerning the school district prior to voting on said issue, resulting in the Gwinn Area Community Schools having a negative operating budget for the 2012-2013 school year, and virtually no fund balance. This school board member further breached his/her duty by failing to properly oversee the actions of the school's Administration, resulting in a financial crisis; poor or non-maintenance of busses, buildings, and other school infrastructure; and a failure to institute a long-term and sustainable plan to adequately provide new text books and other learning aides. For the welfare of the Gwinn Area Community Schools, this member should be recalled."

      If the Election Commission approves the recall language, Misterly has exactly 180 days to obtain at least 801 signatures on the petition.

      These signatures will enable the recall to be placed on a ballot.

      The 801 signatures are a number equal to 25 percent of voters cast for governor in the 2010 election by Gwinn Area Community School district voters.

      According to the Marquette County Clerk, any signatures older than 60 days when filling will be disregarded.

      After the signatures are turned in, the County Clerk's office will have 95 days to review the signatures.

      After review, an election may be held.

      Current law says if the petition goes through, a vacant seat on the board will be made, and an open election would be held for the new seat.

      Any former board member may run again for re-election.