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      Community comes forward to help family in need

      Donations made for a family in need after their home burned down a week before Christmas

      Alger County residents are showing their support for a family that lost everything to a house fire early Thursday morning.

      The fire destroyed a family's home in Van Meer, but fortunately all five members of the family escaped, only after the father had to go back into the burning building to save his youngest daughter.

      Officials say the family is recovering, the father is at Marquette General and is doing well and the youngest daughter is being treated at a burn center in a Green Bay hospital.

      Not even 24 hours after the disaster, community members started a Facebook campaign to bring in donations for the family. The Alger County Sheriff's Office received so many donations that officers couldn't even walk through their lobby, and had to send two truckloads to storage.

      Now they're looking for monetary donations to help the family pay for medical costs, and get back on their feet.

      "They just see the need and they know what it's like, everybody here has lived through hard times and they know what it's like and they want to make it better," said Deputy Sheriff Ted Wootaz of the Alger County Sheriff's Department. "We're all locals, that's basically what it is and we just take care of the people you work with, the people you live with."

      Donations can be dropped off at the Munising Community Credit Union, where they have a special account set up for the family.