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      Community comes out to see snow statues

      Michigan Tech campus was busy as people from the community came out to look at the snow statues created for this year's Winter Carnival.

      "It's just amazing what they do. If you walk around here, there's at least 25-30 different statues. They are all in the same theme, but all different, too." said Tribin Nolbrook, visitor.

      Students spent a lot of time making their statue stand out. Thousands of hours went into creating the sculptures.

      People came out to see the type of detailed work students made.

      "Trying to figure out what the statues are and what they're going to end up being. I'm really impressed when they do something with clear ice mixed with the snow. It shows a lot of details, shows intricate design, so it's really impressive," said Leona Blessing, visitor.

      People from the area and down state came to look at the statues. For some, it's a yearly tradition they do with their kids.

      "It's a lot of fun. This is the first year my kids have been able to actually come and experience the snow statues. It's really neat as an alumni to share that with my children and to start a tradition of coming as a family," said Beth Lauzon.

      Everyone admiring these creations were making sure they took that image back home on their cameras.