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      Community comes together for Food Fest

      The International Food Fest at Marquette's Lower Harbor was up and running just before 12 p.m. Thursday after strong storms in the early morning hours did major damage to the tents.

      Officials arrived at the scene around 7:30 a.m. to find most of the tents blown over and damaged. With Thursday being the last day of activities they knew they needed some quick help to get things up and running.

      "A friend and I decided to call TV6 to get the word out that we need help and we had volunteers from the community come and help us," said Program Director Addie Beauchaine. "We had about 30 people that had shown up and we all worked together and got the tents up."

      The Food Fest featured numerous local vendors offering food with an international flair and live music. Following a country music competition the International Food Fest wrapped up Thursday at dusk.