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      Community comes together to celebrate Labor Day

      After the parade in Ontonagon Sunday afternoon, the big Community Festival took place at the Ontonagon Village Recreation Center. Sponsored by the Ontonagon Men's Association, the festival was ripe with food, fun, games, and much more. During the evening the 50/50 raffle was drawn that helps raise money for the Ontonagon's Summer Festival. The festival was a great way to bring people from both in the community and outside of the community together.

      "Labor Day has a history of bringing in the most people that our town will ever see. Our community is getting smaller and smaller and so it's great to have a big festival that brings people from all over the surrounding area besides Ontonagon," said festival attendee Shannon Clinesmith.

      The Labor Day festival concludes Monday with the Hank Thompson Memorial Kiddies Parade at 1 p.m.