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      Community honors three women

      The Alger County Heritage Center was packed this afternoon with residents honoring some of their own.

      It's the 20th Annual Alger County Women of Honor Observance.

      Three women full of character, courage, and commitment. They are recognized for selfless acts in their communities.

      "I always see all the things people do and really think how wonderful. Never thought about what I did, and I guess someone figured it out and pointed it out. I am blessed to be here," said Linda Balko, Honoree.

      Linda Balko, Deanna Boyak, and Mary Jo Cook are this years inductees to the Alger County Women's Roll of Honor. It was created 20 years ago by Mary Jo Cook as a way to highlight ordinary women who have gone above and beyond for their community in one way or another.

      "More women that are like behind the scenes women you know ones that nobody has really heard of. They just do it because that's part of their life," said Mary Jo Cook, Honoree.

      This year Cook was also nominated for her work with the program and volunteer efforts.

      "It's kind of like I felt the same way, why are you honoring me. I'm part of the program I don't really need to be honored, but I'm very surprised," said Mary Jo Cook, Honoree.

      Linda Balko was nominated because of her dedication to go out of her way for anyone, caring for family, and neighbors. Deanna Boyak is honored for efforts helping to fund community projects like Fuzzy Boyak Welcome Center and Fitness Center.

      "If I can do any little bit to help anybody or the community that I love and encourage my family to be the same that's the reason I do things," said Deanna Boyak, Honoree.

      They now join 70 other inductees in the Women's Roll of Honor.