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      Community leaders stress crisis caused by frigid winter

      Water main break in Marquette

      Senator Tom Casperson held a meeting Tuesday to hear from community leaders across the Upper Peninsula.

      They were given a chance to report the devastating effects of the winter weather crisis on their area, in hopes of declaring an emergency disaster.

      As of Monday, over $5.1 million have been spent in the U.P. on the crisis this winter. With the frost levels being nine feet deep in some areas, over 13,000 residents have been hit by frozen pipes or let run orders.

      "What we're hoping is to get relief for municipalities who are being stressed so critically right now with their budgets," said Bob Berbohm, Emergency Management Coordinator. "And, there's no single one, but all of them, all of them are being stressed right now."

      The community is strongly urged to report any water issues to help keep their county's data accurate.