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      Community needs help to fund new playground

      A little over $100,000 has already been raised for a brand new playground in Copper Harbor, but they still need your help.

      With some of the playground equipment over 50 years old, Copper Harbor residents felt it was time to start raising money for a new and much safer place for kids to play. They also want the new playground to be a fun place for kids who come and visit during their large tourist season.

      "The Grant Township Park here is used by our visitors, by our residents, all year long really, by our students in the school, and it just majorly needs some updating," said Jill Protzel, member of the playground project.

      Residents still need to raise $55,000, and they're hoping to start building the playground next spring. For more information on how you can donate money to help the kids get a new playground, check out the Copper Harbor Playground Project's website.