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      Community readies to rebuild old playground

      Students who attend Copper Harbor School will soon have a new place to play. That's because new playground pieces for the Copper Harbor Playground renovations are ordered, and a build date has been confirmed.

      The idea for the $145,000 playground project was sparked when Miranda Davis, who brings her children to the park often, saw a need for an update of the 60-year-old equipment.

      â??This is really outdated, unsafe equipment with no safety surfacing, nothing for younger children,â?? said Davis.

      Davis' daughter, Aster, likes playing with her friends at the park and said she's "super excited" for the playground.

      â??I'm excited for the new slide,â?? said Aster.

      Everything is being designed to look like a treehouse. There are going to be new swings, a slide that looks like a hollowed-out tree trunk, and mulch chips to make for a softer landing.

      â??We're going to have a continuous play structure up here for five to 12 year olds,â?? Davis added. â??That's the older range of kids, and then the lower level will be for two to five year ,olds.â??

      The project, two years in the making, raised over $100,000 from more than 2,600 individual donors in 2012. Davis said the focus now is on recruiting volunteers to help with the build on August 24.

      â??As a resident of Copper Harbor, to see something so new and inventive and progressive come to town for our locals and for our tourists is just amazing,â?? Davis said.

      For more information about how you can volunteer for the project build, visit the project website here.