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      Community runs to support veterans

      More than 40 people participated in support of our veterans. It's the first 5k Run/Walk to Raise Awareness for Veteran Suicides the Crossing River Support Group from Menominee puts on. Debbie Villas says it was a great turn out.

      "To help us be thankful, remember the veterans and even the people that are active in the military right now. All they do for us," said Villas.

      This is more than just a 5k to honor veterans and those in active duty. Participants are making the stride to raise funds for suicide prevention among veterans.

      Officials say the number of suicides committed by veterans and current soldiers has drastically increased.

      Steve Nelson with the Crossing River Support Group says this year alone, more than 5,000 veterans and 400 active soldiers took their lives across the U.S.

      "No veteran, I mean nobody, should be lost to suicide, but especially our veterans who have given everything for us. They are out there giving their lives to save us. When they come back, we should be there to save them," said Nelson.

      Nelson says when they come back from war, they have a hard time coping with what happened. He also says that's why it's important to spread the word, so no soldier feels alone.

      All the money raised will go to providing them with mental health treatments.