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      Companies get help understanding the health care law

      Health care is facing one of the biggest changes of the year, and businesses from around the Copper Country came out for a presentation on the Affordable Health Care Act.

      The main speaker, Tim Byrne, informed employers about a required summary of benefits and coverage employees must receive as well as the importance of employers researching information about the new law.

      "The most important thing is to over communicate," said Byrne. "If they're concerned about how much to communicate to their employees/associates, over communication or redundancy won't get you in trouble--forgetting to do things can."

      After a brief overview of the law, the speaker said employers should follow the guidelines of the new Affordable Health Care Act to avoid facing penalties. The Keweenaw Economic Development Alliance, the Keweenaw Chamber of Commerce, and Aspirus Keweenaw all helped put on the event.