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      Company to acquire White Pine Copper Project

      According to a statement released on Tuesday, the White Pine Copper Project has been sold.

      Highland Copper Company has entered into a binding agreement to acquire the rights to the copper range company site.

      "Since our capital raise in May 2012, the Company has been establishing itself as an emerging copper exploration and development company focused in northern Michigan, an area which we consider to be highly prospective," said Dave Fennell, Executive Chairman of Highland. "The acquisition of White Pine is complementary with our existing Keweenaw project, particularly given the extensive infrastructure in place from past operations, and is a significant step towards further establishing Highland as a leader in the region. We view this as a highly synergistic and important transaction for Highland shareholders."

      Highland Copper is a Canadian exploration company focused on exploring and developing copper projects on the Keweenaw Peninsula.

      The full statement can be found on Highland Copper Company's website here.