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      Company works to expand the U.P.'s Internet access

      On Wednesday at Bay College in Escanaba, Merit Network installed a telecommunications hut on a 40 by 50 plot of land. It's one of 10 that will be installed in the U.P., mostly along US-2 about 40 miles apart.

      The telecommunications hut is a facility that organizations can put telecommunications equipment in to serve the local area.

      Merit Network works with colleges and schools to put these types of buildings on their property. The hut arrived around 9:30 a.m., and a crane picked it up and set it on its foundation.

      The company is currently building over 1,200 miles of fiber optic infrastructures throughout the state of Michigan.

      "It will provide greater capacity for the community for Internet service and other telecommunication services," said Merit engineer Bob Stovall. "It also will be an open access infrastructure."

      The scheduled completion for the whole project of over 1,200 miles of infrastructures and huts is sometime in July of 2013.