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      Complete Street Resolution in Ontonagon paves path for public housing district

      Ontonagon village officials opened a newly paved path on Quartz Street Monday afternoon as part of the statewide Complete Streets Resolution.

      The $360,000 repaved path connects the Cane Court public housing neighborhood to downtown Ontonagon. Cane Court houses many people with developmental disabilities who had difficulty walking the old path on Quartz Street.

      The Ontonagon branch of the Copper County Mental Health Institute is also on the path.

      Village officials say it was a chance for the community to speak out about what should be repaired in the village.

      â??This one's special because of the unusual constituency that brought this one forth,â?? said Ontonagon Village Manager, Joe Erickson. â??This is a group of people that, a lot of times, they're part of your communities but may not have a say. Here was a chance for them to have a say and actually see something happen.â??

      Village officials say the next street on the repair list is unknown but will not begin until next year.