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      Computer speed linked to dust inside PC

      If you own a PC, then you probably can relate to the frustration of trying to operate a slow computer.

      Often times, it's not the computer that's the problem, but it's what's inside your computer which is causing it to run slowly.

      "You may dust the outside of it, keep it all nice and clean thinking that there's nothing wrong with it, but as you go to use it, you notice that maybe it just locks up or shuts down on you every once in a while. The dust from in your house would be the main cause of that" said Scott Martin of PC Medic.

      You want to clean out your computer at the same time that you change your clocks, or twice a year.

      It's especially important to check your computer for dust after the warmer, summer months.

      Cleaning the inside of your computer is a simple, do it yourself task.

      "It's something you can do at home if you have an air compressor with a blow off tip or go to a retail store and get a thing of compressed air and you can blow it out" said Martin.

      Taking preventative measures, like storing the tower of your PC in a place where it can be properly ventilated, can also help your computer stay dust free.

      "Computers are designed to bring in air on the front, in the bottom and kick in air on the back, so it brings in the cool air and kicks out the hot air" added Martin.

      So, in order for your PC to kick out that hot air, avoid sitting the tower on carpet, enclosing it in a cabinet or placing it high up.

      Other tips for a faster computer:

      - Remove unneeded programs.

      - Delete temporary files or windows that are opened, but not being used.

      - Update software in a timely manner.