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      Concern for public safety prompts moose removal

      The infamous loose moose that had been roaming about Presque Isle these past few days found a new home.

      After receiving reports of people getting too close to the moose and trying to pet it, the Marquette police decided a transfer was necessary in the interest of public safety. Beginning at 5 a.m. Friday morning, the police department closed off the park to the public in order for the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR) to tranquilize and transport the young bull. They were assisted by the City of Marquette Parks and Recreation Department. "We were giving that animal any chance it could to get itself off the island. The public just could not stay away from that animal," said DNR Wildlife Biologist, Brian Roelle. "It was too much of a draw."

      "Once we were getting reports of people approaching in close proximity to the moose, we were looking for ways to remove that moose from the general public," commented Marquette City Detective Lieutenant, Mike Waise.

      The young bull was moved to an undisclosed location north of Marquette. Roelle says the moose still appears to be in fragile health and from here on out, nature will have to take its course.