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      Concerned parents at Iron Mountain school board meeting

      Monday nightâ??s Iron Mountain school board meeting brought out many concerned parents and citizens who said theyâ??re worried about their childrenâ??s education.

      After initially reviewing the school budget, the board offered public comment, which many parents used to voice their concerns. Some said they're worried about expanding classroom sizes to more than 30 students, saying this would pose a major risk to their childâ??s education.

      Many repeatedly said they felt the board and administration were not communicating effectively with them. One parent specifically felt excluded from decision-making. â??All of us are stakeholders in this. We deserve answers, we deserve to be included in decisions, not told afterwards, 'This is the way it's going to be, just live with it.' We deserve to be told why, what led up to it, and where we're going from here and how we can improve,â?? she said.

      Others were also upset about the recent letting go of eight teachers in the district and the cutting of the art program, which the board said was for budgetary reasons.