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      Concerns arise over the government shutdown's impact on WIC

      Despite many programs halted due to the government shutdown, the women, infant, and children program, or WIC, is still up and running for the time being.

      In Michigan, the WIC program is available to families of four with an income of less than $40,000 a year. The Western U.P. Health Department says the program funds about 1,700 in the five county area each month. Recipients will still be able to use their benefit cards through the month of October.

      Western U.P. Health Department officials say it is unknown at this time how the program will function if the shutdown continues into November.

      "We've been receiving a lot of calls," said Kate Beer of the WUPHD. "People, of course, concerned about their benefits. The benefits provide a family with anywhere from $30 to about $115 a month of extra money for nutrition supplement. So, it's a great cause of concern for our clients."

      For more information on the status of the WIC program, keep on eye on the WUPDH website: