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      Congressional candidate campaigns in Iron County

      Republican congressional candidate Alan Arcand campaigned in Iron County Thursday evening. He held a Meet and Greet event for people in the Iron River area.

      Thursday at his campaign office in Iron River, Arcand met with people about his upcoming primary in August. Arcand is from Iron County and has a small business in Iron Mountain. He running against incumbent Dan Benishek, and says he simply wants to be involved.

      â??Iâ??m a disabled veteran, a family man, a small business owner and I really believe that it is our duty to stand up and protect the liberties for the next generation,â?? Arcand said. â??You can't do it by sitting at home; you need to get up, get involved, and actually become part of the process, because it's a government of, by, and for the people, and it isn't if people don't get involved.â??

      Arcand says he'll be riding in the Gladstone parade on Friday for the Fourth of July. The primary election is August 5th.