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      Congressional hopeful visits Marquette

      Democratic Congressional candidate Gary McDowell met with seniors at the Norlite Nursing Center Thursday.

      McDowell's town hall meeting focused on his pledge to "save our retirement." He listened to seniors and their concerns about the rising costs of Medicare and pledged to protect Medicare, as well as social security. McDowell has said that "we need to reduce the federal deficit, but not on the backs of Michigan seniors."

      "People I know in the U.P. are hard working individuals who want to work, they want to be able to raise their families, they want to be able to take care of their children and eventually retire with that dignity and peace of mind to know that social security and Medicare are going to be there for them," said 1st District candidate Gary McDowell.

      This year's congressional race is shaping up to be a rematch of the 2010 election when Dan Benishek defeated McDowell.

      McDowell has been touring the Upper Peninsula and northern lower Michigan since February.