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      Congressman backs county road plan

      Congressman Dan Benishek met with Marquette County officials Monday to assure them of his support for County Road 595. Benishek says he's sent a letter to the Environmental Protection Agency urging them to approve the project. The proposed County Road 595 would provide a route for trucks going to and from the Eagle Mine project. Officials from the Marquette County Road Commission said even though they have support from the Department of Environmental Quality, the EPA has still not approved the project.

      "We have a private company willing to pay for the road. We have 95 percent of the people want the road. It's going to be great for the economy environment. Let's just stop the bureaucratic red tape and get jobs here in Northern Michigan," said Benishek.

      Those who object say the new road would cut through wetlands and disrupt wildlife and their habitat. The Marquette County Road Commission expects to hear back from the EPA by December.