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      Congressman Dan Benishek gets a mock election

      Election Day isn't until Tuesday, but students at Manistique Middle and High School have already cast their ballots. Now, this was a mock election only, but Republican Congressman Dan Benishek was on hand to inspire the students about the importance of voting. Congressman Benishek discussed current political events with the students during an assembly.

      He told the students, "There's been a real lack of leadership in Washington, and it's been frustrating."

      He also appealed to those students who will be able to vote tomorrow.

      â??You know, that's why Iâ??m running for Congress,â?? explains Dan Benishek. â??I want to make sure our children and grandchildren have the same opportunities that we had growing up. So Iâ??m looking forward to the election tomorrow and victory for Romney and victory for myself."

      But not all the students share his Republican views. Some say they support Obama.

      â??I like Obamacare,â?? says eleventh grader, Tanner Watson. â??It really helps kids who are going through college get health care and stay on their parents' bill."

      The high schoolers also presented candidate overviews as part of the mock election.

      â??I was very nervous,â?? says eleventh grader Tyler Kangas. â??I was shaking a little bit. But overall, I think we did a decent job."

      Their government teacher, Michael Powers, says he's very proud of his students.

      â??They were all very poised,â?? says Powers. â??The research was very good. And I think they're a good reflection on Manistique High School."

      But what did the kids think about the congressman's visit?

      â??He's put forth the time, the day before the election,â?? says eleventh grader Coby Ryan. â??You know, he's probably pretty busy, and he comes to our school and talks to us and shows the importance to us as the future of America."

      As far as election results, proposal four was the only one of the six proposals to pass. The students also voted to keep current Sheriff Grant Harris on the job. And it might not be surprising, but Dan Benishek won the studentsâ?? vote by 67 percent. Three hundred students voted, and the school had a voting turnout of about 65 percent.