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      Congressman Duffy in Florence

      Wisconsin Congressman Sean Duffy of the 7th District was in Florence on Thursday for a town hall meeting, discussing topics such as health care reform and the federal budget.

      The Republican Congressman met with constituents at the Florence Natural Resources Center and answered questions related to the Affordable Care Act, logging in Northern Wisconsin, and Social Security. Those in attendance commented on discretionary spending cuts, such as cuts to â??Meals on Wheels,â?? to which Duffy responded by saying though he wasn't in total agreement with the bill, it was definitely a step moving forward.

      â??Last week we passed a spending bill, the appropriations bill,â?? said Duffy. â??There are a lot of issues that we have with the bill, that I have with the bill and the spending, but the positive is that we've had Congress work together. Weâ??ve had bipartisanship, which hasn't happened for awhile, and that we get this spending bill done means we're not going to have another government shutdown.â??

      Duffy spent some considerable time talking to constituents about the Affordable Care Act. He explained the need for affordable care to individuals and families in need, but said heâ??s disappointed to see how some people are facing higher deductibles as a result. Some constituents expressed concern over Social Security and Medicare, the national debt, and foreign aid.

      The Congressman charted out the difference between mandatory spending, which is about 60 percent of the budget, and discretionary spending, which is about 40 percent. He said heâ??s continuing to work in Washington to find ways to reform mandatory spending to prevent further cuts to discretionary spending.