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      Congressman's comments cause protest

      A group of protesters showed up in front of Congressman Dan Benishek's office Tuesday afternoon in downtown Marquette to express concerns.

      In a June 13 article in the Escanaba Daily Press, Congressman Benishek talked about the difficulty in people finding work. He was quoted as saying, "People don't want to work."

      More than a dozen people at the gathering took exception to that quote, saying they're willing and able to work, but can't find jobs.

      "There are so many people that need work and so few jobs out there, so I don't think it's a matter of people not wanting to work. I think it's a matter of, our representative needs to, he needs to come here and show us where all these jobs are. He needs to represent our community," said protester Steve Jiruk.

      TV6 contacted Congressman Benishek's office for further comment. He e-mailed us, saying in part, his main focus has been to support policies that will allow local businesses to grow and hire the many hard-working and talented job seekers in our area.

      The group of protesters said they're hoping Benishek would hold a town hall meeting to address their concerns about finding work in Upper Michigan.