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      Construction complete at Eagle Mine

      It's been four years since construction of the Eagle Mine in Northern Marquette county started.

      Now it's finally complete.

      While underground preps continues at the Eagle Mine, they are one step closer to operational with the completion of all the surface facilities.

      "It's great to see all the surface facilities complete after many years of construction. The activity now will be moving down to the Humboldt Mill where we will really be gearing up for production later this year," said Dan Blondeau, Senior Advisor Communications & Media.

      During the last six to eight months four buildings were finalized.

      The main one was the Ore Storage Building.

      "Load the Ore into the doors behind us. The trucks will then pull into the scale get loaded, go through our truck wash and head down to the mill," Blondeau explains.

      Then there's the Aggregate Storage Building.

      It's where they will store stones, rocks, and sand from the mine, which is used as back fill.

      Also completed is the Batch Plant. It's where the concrete is produced to be able to fill the mine after the Ore is removed.

      Finally, work at the Ore Body Site has finished up with the Ventilation Raise which exhausts air from the mine.

      Now the focus turns to the Humboldt Mill.

      "All the facilities that you will see during operations have been constructed. We are now working on the interior of those facilities. To get them ready to start processing the Ore from the Eagle Mine," Blondeau said.

      They currently have 130 employees at the Eagle Mine site and the Humboldt Mill, but are looking to hire 50 more people within the next two months.

      They hope to start mining Ore by the end of the year.