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      Construction in Laurium is bittersweet

      M-26 in the Village of Laurium is getting facelift. The $3.1 million M-DOT project began the first week of May and is scheduled to be done by October.

      Amy Schneiderhan, owner of Salon Twelve Eighty One and Posh Boutique, said the construction can be a nuisance, but the end results are worth it.

      â??As you look down our street now, it just needs a little help, so Iâ??m excited for it to look new and fresh,â?? said Schneiderhan.

      The improvements will include new roads, red conglomerate sidewalks, a new water system including fire hydrants, new electrical poles, globe lighting along the streets, and historic-looking patterned concrete streets.

      Village officials said construction workers and officials alike are doing their best to cater to everyoneâ??s needs.

      â??Youâ??re trying to keep all the businesses open, maintain traffic on one lane at all times as possible,â?? said Laurium Village Administrator, Edward Vertin. â??So, itâ??s quite a challenge.â??

      Although construction is expected to be completed by October, it has caused come temporary parking problems for many businesses that have their storefronts right on the road.

      Businesses and residents alike say that although there are some temporary inconveniences, the improvements are much needed.

      â??The girls that work at the salon are now parking at my house, which is right behind the salon, and they just cut through the yards of my neighbors,â?? Schneiderhan explained. â??So, the parking is a little bit of an issue, but we havenâ??t ran into any problems that are too, too bad.â??

      Village officials said itâ??s a project that isnâ??t expected to take very long, but is long overdue.

      â??The projectâ??s been in the hopper for approximately eight years, and itâ??s finally getting done and definitely needed,â?? Vertin said. â??It will be a very nice upgrade once itâ??s done. A little inconvenient to work with, but just work with it and go with it.â??