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      Consultants conducting parking survey

      Like any growing city, Marquette is experiencing a "growing" parking problem. Are there enough parking spots? Are people using them correctly? Should there be more?

      Well, national consultant group Nelson Nygaard is surveying parking in Marquette's downtown district.

      Tom Brown, a consultant, says they will be there all week.

      "Counting cars during the weekdays, midday, during the evening periods, Friday night, Saturday during the event, to get a sense of how each facility, how each block of street space is being used when downtown is at its busiest," said Brown.

      The group will also assess how a major city event impacts parking.

      The need for a survey comes from recent expansion downtown. One of the main problems the Downtown Development Authority is looking at is who actually uses on-street parking.

      The DDA says there have been complaints, such as the spots meant for customers, business owners and employees are using them.

      Next month another team will do more fieldwork and conclusions will be available in mid November.

      It's costing around $30,000. DDA Executive Director Mona Lang says this is necessary to find out what's going on.

      "Parking is always a critical issue to development, and if we want our downtown to continue to be strong, continue to be vital, it's certainly an issue that needs to be addressed," said Lang.

      Lang is asking Marquette drivers to complete an online survey on your experiences finding a space.

      To take that survey, click here.