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      Consumers to receive free energy kits from power companies

      Blue Terra Energy is installing free energy kits for UPPCO and SEMCO customers in Baraga, Keweenaw, Houghton, and Ontonagon counties.

      The energy kits come with energy saving light bulbs, low-flow shower heads, and faucets. If you own an apartment complex, you also qualify for the free installation. The energy kit can save you up to $250 a year.

      The money for these kits comes from the energy efficient charge on your utility bill.

      "It's much easier to save the energy than it is to invest in new production of energy, that's why all of the utilities have gotten together and agreed upon this to increase the efficiency of the state," said Dave Camps of Blue Terra Energy.

      Students from Michigan Tech and Northern Michigan University are helping with the installation process.

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