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      Cookbook helps repair mine shaft

      The Painesdale Mine Shaft is the last standing shaft house south of the Portage Lake Lift Bridge, and one group is working to preserve it. They've also created an ethnic cookbook to raise money for the mine shaft repairs."It's a Painesdale Mine Shaft cookbook, and it's a collection of all kinds of recipes. We focused a lot on ethnic recipes from the different ethnic groups that came to work in the mine," said Vice President of Painesdale Mine Shaft, Catherine Lewis.The cookbook offers a collection of recipes from nine different ethnic groups.Janet Gregorich says her father was very instrumental in preserving the mine shaft back in the mid-'90s, and she continues that tradition today."It is important for our group to preserve this shaft house for future generations and really in memory of those miners who did lose their lives," said Gregorich. So far this group has repaired the windows to the shaft house and the steps to the Captain's Office. Their next repair will be done to the floor inside the shaft house. If you're interested in having your very own cookbook, Painesdale Mine Shaft asks for a $15 donation. For more information, click here.