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      Cool, Wet start, but Lake Trout Festival did not slow down

      Rain might have dampened roads, but it certainly did not dampen spirits at the Lake Trout Festival. The ninth annual Lake Trout Festival took place in L'Anse Saturday.

      Rain did not manage to scare away the crowds that were out enjoying food, music, and more entertainment. The only dark spot occurred with the cancelling of the Tour de L'Anse, a bike race, due to lightning.

      "It started out really good, the runners had a good run, it was a beautiful morning, nice sunrise this morning and then it rained, but we're still here, everything's still going to happen, we're still going to go with the flow, the kids carnival is going to start," said Tracey Barrett of the Lake Trout Committee.

      Luckily the run/walk managed to start and end before any rain took place. There was something there for everyone including a fishing tournament, pie eating contest, kids carnival, as well as the kids fishing pond.