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      Copper Country honors veterans

      In the 11th month, on the 11th day, in the 11th hour, America stops to remember those who served and protected her.

      Only about 20 people came out for the Veterans Day observance held in Houghton under the dreary, gray sky on Sunday morning. This day carries with it deep meaning for those who served, like Corporal Roy Thomas from the Keweenaw. Sunday's guest speaker, Roy Thomas, is a Purple Heart recipient. In a firefight in Iraq in 2004, Corporal Thomas took the blast of an enemy grenade, protecting the men he was in charge of. He lost the sight in his left eye. His commitment to service, though, is unchanged.

      "I'd go and do that over and over again to save some of these young kids, so they can grow up, you know, have a happy life," said Marine Corps Corporal Roy Thomas.

      The Copper Country Veterans Association was responsible for Sunday's ceremony.