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      Copper Country Mall under new ownership

      CCM Capital Partners purchased the Copper Country Mall in July. Now under new ownership, Moyle Incorporated will be the new property managers of the mall.

      "I will be handling the management of the property and that includes the leasing of the retail space. We're hoping to get many different types of renters in there from business office space to national retailers,â?? said Amy Moyle, property manager.

      The owners have authorized Moyle to give lease rates as low as four dollars per square foot to bring more businesses to the mall.

      Gail Frank is the co-owner of Keweenaw Kraftâ??s, Gifts and More. Gail says business has been slow, but she hopes the new property managers will bring in more businesses.

      "They know we need businesses in the mall, and I personally have not met anybody from the new owners yet, being a business owner here, but I know that they are looking out for our best interest," said Frank.

      The Moyles say they tried purchasing the mall back in 2006 and the years following, but a deal was never reached.

      "DDR was absolutely going to sell it, so we absolutely wanted to be part of it. We've been working on it for so many years. There's nobody that knows that mall better than us, so it was a natural fit, and we're very excited to be a part of it," said Andy Moyle, President of Moyle Development Company.

      The mall currently houses 14 different stores, but adding more retailers could bring in more customers.

      "I'm looking forward to seeing what this mall could be and what it once was. I didn't realize it was under new ownership, so I'm really excited about the possibilities," said Michelle Mahrley, customer.

      The Moyles also say they welcome the publicâ??s opinion via phone at (906) 482-3000 or e-mail