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      Copper Country restaurant thrives despite recession

      Waiters at The Library Restaurant in Houghton have to hurry to satisfy the hungry lunch crowd.

      Even with current economic conditions, the restaurant isn't hurting. In fact, owner Julie Cortwright said they've seen profits increase by 15 percent.

      "We've looked at the numbers and our business is up drastically over last year," said Cortwright.

      The popular local eatery has been around for 52 years. Its distinctive atmosphere and cooking have inspired loyalty in customers, including the Klobnak family from Illinois.

      "This is our third year going to a place in Eagle River and we always make a stop here every year. We just stumbled upon it the first year, and we always come back," said annual visitor, Bob Klobnak.

      Additionally, the owners say they're always introducing specials to attract new customers and keep the regulars happy.

      "The chefs downstairs are constantly coming up with new feature items for the menu. We've been trying to change it every two-three weeks. I think people really like change," Cortwright said.

      Specials such as "Sushi Tuesdays" and "Barbeque Thursdays" are keeping waiters like Cole Morison plenty busy. If anything has changed because of the economy, Morison said it would only be that tips have dropped slightly.

      Cortwright says she's grateful to be doing so well during the recession, but they TMre always looking for ways to improve.