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      Copper Country Strawberry Festival begins in Chassell

      Make sure to leave some room in your tummy this weekend for the mounds of strawberries calling your name at the Copper Country Strawberry Festival in Chassell.

      In its 66th year, the Strawberry Festival has brought in over 1,200 quarts of local strawberries to be chopped up and poured over the festivalâ??s famous strawberry shortcakes. Although there arenâ??t as many quarts this year as in past years, organizers said they still expect to sell over 3,500 shortcakes.

      â??Weâ??ve run out of berries a few times a few years, but thatâ??s a good thing because weâ??ve sold them all,â?? said Chassell Lions Club President John MacKrain.

      But thereâ??s more than just strawberry shortcakes to draw the crowds. Dozens of local vendors set up in Centennial Park selling all sorts of goodies.

      â??Weâ??re new here in the area. Iâ??ve heard that thereâ??s a big crowd here, so we want to get the name out, get people familiar with our product, and hopefully get some return customers,â?? said co-owner of Bonnieâ??s Bakery, Sheri Werner.

      On Saturday there will be kidsâ?? games in the park, and new this year is a 5k fun run around the park trails. And, of course, you canâ??t forget about the crowning of the Strawberry Festival Queen Friday eveningâ??something candidate Renee Anderton said sheâ??s dreamed about since she was a little girl.

      â??Iâ??ve always been to Strawberry Fest, and you see all the queen candidates in it, and you think, â??Maybe that will be me one day,â?? and it kind of is!â?? she said.

      The festival goes on through Saturday evening with games, parades, dancing, and, of course, lots and lots of strawberries.

      â??My favorite part is probably the strawberry shortcake,â?? said Anderton. â??Itâ??s always good. Iâ??ve been coming for 18 years, and I get it every time.â??

      â??Itâ??s a tradition, and like they say in Chassell, nothing says, â??I love you,â?? like a strawberry shortcake!â?? added MacKrain.

      For a full list of Strawberry Festival events, click here.