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      Copper Harbor bike trails named one of the best in the world

      Bicyclists in Copper Harbor are getting the chance of a lifetime to do things they have never done before.

      Professional rider Andrew Shandro came all the way from Vancouver to test out the trails.

      â??I think that itâ??s a hit. I think the Upper Peninsula and Copper Harbor specifically, from what Iâ??ve seen, is a little gem. I think people from around the world would come here and have their eyes open with, wow, this is an incredible trail network,â?? said Shandro.

      With over 20,000 bikers coming to ride the Copper Harbor trails, there is one in particular that the professionals enjoy. It is called the Flying Squirrel, and it is one of 37 different features on the trail.

      Copper Harbor bike enthusiasts are also celebrating the Ride Center Designation from IMBA.

      â??Weâ??ve been working side by side with IMBA for many years now, over five years, to work with our club to build the best trails possible to create a true world class destination,â?? said President of the Copper Harbor Trails Club, Aaron Rogers.

      Whether you are an armature or a professional, the Copper Harbor Trail Club says they have it all.

      â??We have trails that suit just about everybodyâ??s needs. We have a little bit more elevation here, so the physical workout is definitely above and beyond, but the trails themselves are fast and fun, and not a lot of them are super technical,â?? Rogers said.

      With four full-time trail builders, the club says theyâ??re building more jump trails this summer.