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      Copper Harbor celebrates Lake Superior

      July 21st is the official Lake Superior Day, and to celebrate dozens gathered at the boardwalk in Copper Harbor.

      "It's such an important natural resource for our area and the whole world really. The largest fresh water lake in the world it needs to be celebrated," said Miranda Davis.

      Lake Superior has always played an important role in the way of life across the U.P.

      It's created thousands of jobs, used recreationally, and supplies water.

      So, the celebration is to remind people the importance making sure the Lake is well taken care.

      People learned how the dollar bay aquatic robotic organization is trying to combat Zebra Mussels with their underwater robot.

      "It was really cool because you get to control them while they're under water. And, you get to see what the cameras are seeing. So, you get to see what's under water," said Audrey Robinson.

      Michigan Tech University was also giving rides on their research vessel the Agassiz.

      The Agassiz is a floating lab which helps scientists research the ecology of the Lake.

      "It's very important that we keep track of how the ecosystem responds to changes in the environment. The ecosystem keeps changing as it has in the past and the Agassiz

      is used to monitor that," said Marcel Dijkstra, scientist for the Agassiz.

      Visitors also participated in a community picnic where many enjoyed fish stew, corn, watermelon, and lots of desserts.

      But what's celebrating Lake Superior without getting out on the water?

      So, many jumped in canoes and raced each other.