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      Copper Harbor lets freedom ring

      If itâ??s one place that knows how to throw an Independence Day party, itâ??s Copper Harbor.

      Clear skies and warm weather were just the right conditions for both locals and visitors to enjoy some family fun.

      â??We were just exploring the area because we went camping for about a week, and why not do something fun on the Fourth of July?â?? said Janet Kaeding from Saint Joseph, Michigan.

      The kids' competitions drew a crowd in the afternoon as children of all ages competed in watermelon eating contests, three-legged races, sack races, and more.

      Kaeding said she enjoyed watching the kids' games, but her favorite part was in the morning.

      â??Probably the parade,â?? she said. â??That was a lot of fun; the candy. Weâ??re really excited for the fireworks, though, tonight.â??

      This will be the 31st year Copper Harbor has had a fireworks show. Over one ton of fireworks will be blasted off of Porterâ??s Island in the lake, and residents say the show in the Harbor is unique from others.

      â??The cloud formation, the echo of the mountains, and the water below the shots, it gives you a special ambiance,â?? said director of the fireworks show, Don Kauppi.

      â??Itâ??s just really beautiful here,â?? Kaeding added. â??Itâ??s nice. Itâ??s a lot different than where weâ??re from.â??