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      Copper tubing stolen from hunting camp, suspect arrested and charged

      A 53-year-old man from Green Bay, Wisconsin was arrested for allegedly stealing approximately 83 feet of copper tubing from a hunting camp in Porter Lake located in Hematite Township.

      The Iron County Sheriff's Office said on Wednesday the owner of a hunting camp realized the copper tubing, used to transfer propane from an outdoor storage tank and supplied fuel to heat the camp, was missing.

      The camp owner told deputies from the Iron County Sheriff's Office a man riding a four wheeler was seen around the camp.

      Deputies and the Michigan Department of Natural Resources Law Enforcement Division identified the man as Ronald J. Woodworth.

      Officials said Woodworth was a seasonal homeowner with property on Cable Lake in Hematite Township. He was taken into custody and on Friday was arraigned in Iron County Courthouse for the malicious destruction of property, larceny, and receiving/concealing stolen property.

      Woodworth will be back in court on October 21. Officials said additional criminal charges against Woodworth are expected involving other seasonal properties located on Cable Lake.