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      CopperDog 150 begins in downtown Calumet

      The CopperDog150 has officially begun in downtown Calumet. In its fourth year, the race has become one of the most popular events in the Keweenaw.

      About 6,000 people crowded the sidewalks on 5th St. to catch a glimpse of the dogs as they sped through the start gate.

      Aside from the thousands of spectators, there are over 400 volunteers making sure everything runs smoothly.

      â??Getting dogs ready and getting the sleds ready to go," explained volunteer, Bill Musselman. "They needed people to make sure there wasnâ??t a lot of people-traffic while the dogs are being herded into the starting gate.â??

      Mushers begin their 138-mile journey through the Keweenaw in Calumet. There are mushers here from Wyoming, Minnesota, and all the way from Alaska, and itâ??s one of the biggest events in the Keweenaw.

      Being such a big family event, the CopperDog is all about bringing the community together and pride in our Copper Country culture.

      â??Just seeing all the people who are racing and hearing their stories and also hearing the theme songs that they choose for themselves, thatâ??s probably the best part,â?? said spectator, Jacob Mack.

      â??Thereâ??s just so many people here and so many volunteers,â?? Musselman said. â??Itâ??s one of the best dogsled races in the country, and itâ??s really gaining a huge reputation.â??

      The CopperDog continues throughout the weekend making stops in Eagle Harbor and Copper Harbor before finishing back in Calumet on Sunday.