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      CopperDog 150 offers new volunteer program

      Planning is moving forward for the 4th Annual CopperDog 150 in Calumet.

      The three day sled dog race will include over 20 teams.

      It usually takes about 400 volunteers and 150 sponsors to put on the event.

      This year organizers say they're starting a brand new volunteer program.

      â??What we're looking for is 35 to 50 people that are into the CopperDog that would like to have a little bit more responsibility, receive a little bit more training and really kind of be the lieutenants in the field race weekend,â?? said Todd Brassard, race director.

      The race will be held March 1-3, 2013.

      If you're interested in finding out how you can volunteer for the sled dog race, click here.