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      CopperDog150 mushers complete stage 2

      Mushers competing in the CopperDog 150 are halfway through the race. Theyâ??ve made their way to Copper Harbor.

      After a 42-mile trek from Eagle Harbor, teams complete stage 2 as they arrive in Copper Harbor.

      â??Extra level of exhilaration with the light and stuff, and running at night with just your headlight on. Thatâ??s a lot of fun. The trail itself is perfect. Itâ??s a well set up groomed trail and the dogs enjoy it. I enjoyed,â?? said Aaron Peck, Bib # 26.

      Many mushers say the trail conditions have been perfect so far and are hoping it continues to the finish.

      â??Last week we were a little nervous because of all the snow and drifting, but we have some great support out there to keep our trails clean. And theyâ??re looking wonderful and the teams are moving fast,â?? said Meredith LaBeau, race director.

      Now that mushers have arrived, theyâ??ll spend this time tending to their dogs, getting them fed and checked out.

      â??Iâ??ve been slowly putting some of the young dogs up in lead to take over from some of the old guard thatâ??s kind of slowing down a little bit. So, our team is in transition, but weâ??re just so proud of them. Theyâ??re doing great, ya,â?? Peck said.

      The CopperDog 150 is fairly new to the mushing circuit. Itâ??s their fifth year, and race officials say the participation and community support has grown tremendously.

      â??To have people come up for the day to see an event in the winter, itâ??s pretty unique to get everybody out,â?? said Jill Protzel, Copper Harbor Coordinator for CopperDog 150.

      This year 26 teams are racing. Mushers will get back on the trail Sunday morning at 8:30 and finish in Calumet.

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