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      Copperman triathlon brings in hundreds of competitors

      It's an athletic feat that most have never accomplished, but this past Saturday, about 195 individuals and 50 teams competed in the 2012 Copperman triathlon, which consists of a half-mile swim, 23-mile bike ride, and a 5-mile run.

      "It's a great feel good event for athletes, for spectators, for volunteers because you get to see people accomplishing things that they may have done year in and year out, but it may be their first time," said race director, Crystal Holzberger.

      For one 22-year-old athlete, she's a seasoned racer, and this year marks her fifth year competing with her family.

      "In our family, we love to compete. We love to accomplish things. We like doing well. It's just who we are, and I come out of a lot of competitive sports. I'm a big competitor at heart," said competitor Jordan Holmes.

      For her team this year, she's running and biking. When asked if she was nervous, she responded, "A little bit, but you always get nervous before you compete. It makes you better."

      This year, the Copperman was maxed out, making competition even stiffer. The race started out with the swim in Lake Fanny Hooe. Then the swimmers transitioned to a bike race along the shore of Lake Superior. Finally, Holmes' specialty, the five-mile run.

      "For our team, who is all family, we just want to get out there and do something every day. And being together as a family, we all kind of encourage each other to do better and to be athletic, which is important these days, I think," Holmes said.

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