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      Corn maze open to the public

      This year Lisa Pellegrini added a one acre vegetable garden to the Pellegrini Farm. However, it's a pick your own veggie garden, allowing people to come and actually pick what they would like.

      It took her about a year to grow it all natural.

      "I don't use any organic fertilizer, but I use organic fungicide; things like that with clove oils. It works really well and it's natural," said Lisa Pellegrini.

      Summer rains contributed to the success of her crop's growing season.

      On the farm they grow corn and pumpkins, but with the addition of the garden, she's introduced a variety of tomatoes, peppers, squash and much more.

      "A bunch of different families from the community. Some people placed pre-picked orders. We have families that come from Green Bay to come and get the produce just because we are growing heirloom vegetables which are very special because they're not modified in any way," Pellegrini said.

      She's hoping more people start supporting local farmers and their natural produce.

      Lisa said the corn fields are in good shape. The corn maze is open to the public until the end of October.

      "Halloween night is our last night. We always bring it in on the last night as the haunted Halloween night. A lot of people come in their costumes," Pellegrini explains.

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