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      Corpus Christi procession

      The procession begins

      On Sunday, over 50 church members of St. Peter Cathedral and St. Michael Catholic Church held a Corpus Christi procession.

      The procession is a way for Catholics to show their love of Christ. Parishioners walked a mile and ended at St. Michael Catholic Church.

      The Knights of Columbus lead the walk as clergy members walked underneath the Blessed Sacrament canopy with parishioners following close behind.

      "This feast is really the opportunity for a public witness of our faith in Christ and the Eucharist and really the foundation of our understanding of the dignity of every person that Jesus is present there, even though he looks like bread and wine. No matter what people look like, or how tiny they are or how small, they are a child of God, so we process that public witness," said Father Ryan Ford.

      This is the second year both churches have participated in the one-mile procession.