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      Corrections officers picket at Baraga Max

      Informational pickets were being held by the Michigan Corrections Organization on Monday at the Baraga Prison.

      It's an informational picket, against recent budget cuts at the Baraga Maximum Correctional Facility. Over 50 correctional officers lined US-41 with signs regarding the lack of staff and safe prisons.

      In an effort to cut cost and save $13 million a year statewide, Baraga Max is just one of the many state prisons that will no longer have their perimeter security vehicles staffed on a 24-hour basis.

      "We don't agree with it at all because it is our first and last line of defense," said MCO Chapter President Ed Clements. "People have thrown contraband, guns, and knives over the fences and without that vehicle driving around your prison, there's no line of defense there."

      Those who live within a two-mile radius did receive a letter from the Michigan Corrections Organization about the security of their neighborhood. The officers say they also want the general public to be aware of the recent changes.

      Pickets are also planned for Marquette on Tuesday and other U.P. prisons on Wednesday.