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      Cougar confirmed in Ontonagon County

      Cougar spotted in Ontonagon County / Michigan DNR

      The Department of Natural Resources has confirmed a cougar sighting in the U.P.

      Video of the cougar was captured on September 8, by a trail camera located in Ontonagon County. The people who supplied the video wish to remain anonymous.

      The DNR is currently attempting to identify where the animal came from. Video shows that the cougar has previously been fitted with an ear tag and radio collar.

      Officials say that tracking the animal is a challenge.

      "We could easily find it one day, and lose it the next day as well," said DNR Wildlife Biologist Brian Roell. "The other big thing that should be said is that this collar may be malfunctioning, it might not be working at all. There's a lot hoping here that we might actually find it."

      Roell says this cougar does not appear to be aggressive. If you spot what you think might be a cougar, take a picture and contact the DNR. If you come across cougar tracks, the DNR recommends you cover them with a tarp and contact officials immediately.

      Cougars were native to Michigan, but the state's last known wild cougar was killed near Newberry in 1906. Several sets of tracks have been verified and a photo was confirmed in recent years in the Upper Peninsula.