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      Cougar sighted in Marquette County

      The Michigan Wildlife Conservancy confirmed the presence of a cougar in southern Marquette County on June 1, 2012.

      Dr. Patrick Rusz, Director of Wildlife Programs for the Conservancy, and retired DNR forester Michael Zuidema were able to verify the location of the camera that took the picture.

      The MWC says this may be the best, clearest photograph of a wild Michigan cougar ever taken. The Michigan DNR has confirmed 15 sightings since forming a cougar team of specially trained biologists in 2008. The most recent confirmed sighting was in near Skanee in May, 2012.

      "The MDNR cougar team should now look at the very good evidence of a remnant cougar population collected before 2008," said Conservancy President Bill Taylor. "They could still easily verify cougar photos taken in the 1990s in Alcona and Oscoda counties in the Lower Peninsula and some others. The vegetation and other landmarks needed to confirm the photos are still there."

      The MWC is a non-profit group established by citizens in 1982.

      Upper Peninsula cougar caught on video