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      Could honey help remedy your allergies?

      Each day, Grayden Shull takes a teaspoon of honey. He takes a dose for his seasonal allergies.

      "Using the honey, I probably would have a reduction of probably 80 percent of the symptoms I normally would have," said Grayden Shull.

      For years he suffered from sneezing, runny nose, and itchy watery eyes. However, three years ago he read that honey could help and decided to try it. It's made all the difference for him.

      "When the pollen would start to get kind of heavy during May, I noticed that I wasn't having a lot of the problems that I would normally have," Shull explained.

      Honey is a natural substance created by bees with their enzymes as they collect nectar and pollen from plants. It's the food they make to survive and build their hives. So how can honey help?

      "When you ingest the honey, you are ingesting pollen from lots and lots of plants that bees are attracted to. So you are kind of being desensitized to all of those allergens out there," explained Joel Lantz, longtime beekeeper.

      It's not a remedy that will quickly show effects, but taken over time will help build your body's resistance to the pollens in the air.

      To get the maximum benefit, the key is to avoid pasteurized honey found in stores. Instead, bee experts say use raw honey from the area where you live. Doing so allows your body to build resistance to pollens in the air around you.

      As for Grayden, he's keeping his personal stock of honey. So far, it has been pretty sweet.

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