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      Councilman honored for over three decades of service

      The City Council meeting in Iron Mountain on Monday ended in a resolution to recognize a council member for his years of service to the city. Councilman Ted Corombos received a standing ovation and plaque of recognition from the council for his over 35 years of city service. Corombus was instrumental in getting a TIFA district in Iron Mountain while he was mayor, which ultimately invested millions of dollars into the city through increased property value.

      He said even though it's been a long journey, he enjoyed working with this council. ??It??s hard to look back, how many hundreds or thousands of votes, I can't remember them certainly,?? said Corombos. ??You just try to use common sense and hope that there's integrity with the people you're dealing with, and by and large, we've got a good council right now.??

      Those who attended the recognition also enjoyed a time of cake and conversation with the 80-year-old councilman.